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Here are a few books I have written for the purpose of equipping the church to live supernaturally

Girlfriend Let's Get Rich
and Live
Faith Code for Answered
Spirit-Led Wealth
The 21-Day MonEyMotions Fast is the Answer for EMERGING MILLIONAIRES Ready to Build Their Money Muscles and Dominate Their Lifestyle!
 The 21-Day MonEyMotions Fast™ is a New Wealth Movement that Will inPower You To…
Break Free from the "Old Money Rules" Blocking Your Wealth!

Strengthen Your Core Beliefs and Build Your Money Muscles!

Know Why You Deserve it ALL and How to Get It!  

Lose DEBT Weight and Unleash Your Millionaire Potential!

Confidently Step Into the High Definition Lifestyle of Success!



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What others are saying......

 "I  did not realize how MonEyMotions were blocking my financial potential. I was in my own way! This BOSS Program gave me the tools I needed to conquer my financial roadblocks. I have paid off all of my debts, increased my credit score, and now I am living a stress-free life. I Am a Financial BOSS!”

Dr. Theresa Scott

"After surviving cancer, I was left in financial distress. This program helped me rebuild my confidence and regain financial stability. My credit score increased by 75 Points! It’s great to have a savings cushion, great credit, and a financial plan leading me to freedom!" If you are looking to grow financially this is your answer!

Dr. Roxanne Brown-Robinson

"I am of ultimate value" is my new mantra after going through this program! My confidence level increased tremendously and my business has grown as a result. If you are serious about changing your mindset, money, and mastering your life this will definitely help you make it happen!

Illa Doss